• Burrito Steak
  • Quesadilla Steak
  • Camaron Heuro Soup

Casa Antigua Restaurant

Our Story

Casa Antigua opened its doors on October 4th, 2010, as an authentic and distinctive restaurant. We strive to provide customers with an inviting and pleasant atmosphere where everyone enjoys flavorful and delightful food.

Our dishes are crafted daily by a passionate team, inspired by traditional Latin American cuisine recipes, coupled with fresh and high-quality ingredients.

THE NAME: Casa Antigua, Casa in inspiration to provide a welcoming and homecoming experience at our restaurant, and Antigua is in reference to Antigua Guatemala, a city, in southwestern Guatemala. The name is very strongly rooted in our family traditions and great-tasting food. Antigua Guatemala is the land of our family origins, and we feel intensively connected and very proud to represent our delicious culinary art traditions.